my one word prompt {4.23}

Hello, April! I welcome the turn of the calendar page -- and the 'refresh' of a new prompt. (Which always has a 'new-box-of-crayons' feel to me.) April's, especially. Heavy on ritual and anticipation, I do an annual 'check-in' on or around my late-April birthday each year. (Since, gosh, since Audrey was born. In 2004.) There's... Continue Reading →


Hi. I'm here. But stuck. Normally, I'd have done a Wordless Wednesday post today. Something with itty bitty tree buds. Or sunny daffs on my kitchen sill. Hopeful things. Signs of spring. New life. Beginning. But I'm not there. I'm here. Not just stuck in sadness for the 9-year-olds who were shot and killed in... Continue Reading →

checking in {3.23}

Welcome to the One Word party! Door's open.  Join here. Wrapping up March, I'm happy with my word work this month -- but I'm 'curiouser' about yours. Often, out and about, I'll glimpse someone's word, recent past or present, and think of you. This thing? It's a unique kind of tie that binds. Thanks for... Continue Reading →

currently {3.23}

I loved the concept of Anne's [retired] currently party, so I’m revisiting her wordplay in my own little corner of Blogland this year. Just for fun. I’d love to hear what you’re up to…currently…in comments, below! Let's go -- What are you...? {remembering} how much easier it is to bake at low altitude! So much easier.... Continue Reading →

spring {a seasonal list}

It’s time for one of my favorites! A list of seasonal ‘dreams’ (and sometimes a chore or more) that bring joy...keep a degree of delight on my radar...whatever season I’m in. Somewhere along the way, May became the new December. (I thought it was a Colorado thing, since that's when school lets out. But kids... Continue Reading →

rainy friday fika

I need no excuse to indulge in favorite fika finds. But if I did, a dreary day like today would be a good one, I s'pose! So, let's! (Indulge.) Have you heard about olive oil in your coffee? Starbucks Italy launched Oleato drinks in Milan last month; Southern California will be first to have them... Continue Reading →

my mom + michelle obama + maggie smith

Remember Michelle Obama! I said these words to Elsa 4 out of 5 school days last week. For better or worse, she's learning a lot this year. More than she bargained for, actually. Our oldest daughter...19 next month...has always kept a teeny-tiny circle of friends, and our son is what I'd call super chill. He's... Continue Reading →

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