one word {january twenty-two}

It’s time for our first One Word Check-in of 2022!

If you wrote a post for this month’s link-up, I invite you to join the party, share in Comments below, or reflect on your own–whatever works for you. I’m just glad you’re here! 


It’s been a funny month around here. Not funny-ha-ha, which would have been nice. Funny as in a bit of a challenge…calling on patience + trust…but finally, finally ending with clarity. Which I’ll share more about, in time.

And that’s made it feel like a long one! (Is it possible we just wrapped up holidays?!)

I usually hit the ground running, come New Year’s. This year, though, we had kids home on break longer than usual, so we kept our tree up, continued with lights, and music, opened a final (small) gift on Epiphany.

While it was nice to stretch out the season, I’ll admit it makes for a slow start to the year!

And a slow start for My One Word. Which–I think–isn’t so bad.

I gave myself January to loosely engage…with Engage. Let it settle. Jot down some thoughts and start on my mind map–gradually. I played around with my January prompt, hovered in a few particular places. I’ll share three of them here today–

one : : vulnerable spots.

Considering ‘vulnerable spots’–or pitfalls–always proves a valuable practice in January. Where could I get stuck with this One Word? What challenges come along with Engage? Where might my tendencies get in the way?

It struck me while on retreat last November–well before I’d even glimpsed Engage–that I tend to stay near the surface sometimes…just dip my toe…go through the motions.

I have a tendency to check the box.

Not always. But often enough. Even with Very Big Things.

I’m far less concerned with dissecting the why and am just glad to have the awareness here. Because I couldn’t agree with Adriene more–here’s what she said on Day 20 of Move: A Yoga Journey:

Just the awareness of something can inspire a meaningful change.

Adriene Mishler
Yes! Yes! Yes! And I think if that’s all one does with a word, awareness can be enough.

One reason I chose Engage ’22 was to go beyond my status quo. Get lost in something / someone / somewhere. Not as a means of mastery, but to fully experience what I undertake. Versus…

And while I’m still only ‘loosely engaging’ with My One Word ’22, just being aware is packing a punch: I’m reading and exercising with different intentions (and delightfully different outcomes!); I finally examined my uneven knit tension; and, a little less fun…when it comes to hard conversation, I notice when I lose objectivity.

Easing into My One Word this way…with awareness…feels like ‘gentle nudging.’ It’s an approach I can appreciate.

two : : a book list.

Some years, a book list rocks my word. (This book in 2019 did that!) Other years, not so much. (Last year? Zilch.)

This year, a few that have been on my radar a while reinforce the crux of Engage: How do I want to ‘be’ in this season? Notice what’s meaningful to me right now. Dig in to curiosity. Joy.

: : I just finished Amy Krouse Rosenthal’s Encyclopedia… (Loved it.) (Of course.) It’s one I’d put off for a very long time because her story’s a hard one. While this book is not about that–it was published a decade before her diagnosis–in so many ways, it’s a love story to the ordinary she would prematurely miss out on. It’s a love song to living the life you have.

: : A reread of Four Thousand Weeks is on the list; the first time around, I listened on Audible. I want to revisit, on paper, all those sections I bookmarked.

: : Has anyone read Beginners: The Joy + Transformative Power of Lifelong Learning? Curious. I’d love to hear.

three : : another benefit of taking it slow

…it’s made space for former words to drop in. Linger. Reunite. And that feels like a good way to transition. (Curate ’21 and Authentic ’15 are hanging around with Engage, I’ve noticed.) And something about that feels ‘big picture’ to me. Lends a wider scope to the practice than just a word for the year. Y’know what I’m trying to say?

And there’s still a week left! Let’s see what the rest of January brings.

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  1. I love the idea that you’ve been “gently nudged” into your word; it sounds like it was below the surface for a while before it finally made itself known to you, and that’s a very organic way to arrive at your word for the year.

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    1. I keep thinking of it as the same way our Newfie nudges his nose against my leg. The gentlest dog ever… And while it’s now how I usually approach things, I’m in a space of ‘allowing.’ Which feels peaceful.

      On Mon, Jan 24, 2022 at 5:54 AM youroneword {the blog} wrote:



  2. I am wondering how on earth it is the 24th already!?! My brain is absolutely not on that page at all! LOL (honestly, really not at all… I thought that I would not have to write my word post until NEXT week! Oh boy!)

    And this post… it is exactly what I love about a new word start! The opportunities, the connections, the possibilities!


    1. I was in the very same place, Kat 🙂 I triple-checked my calendar! Then thought, Yikes…if we wait til 1/31, that puts us posting throughout the first week of Feb. And as short as February is, well, I guess we better not do that! So here we are. And I’m laughing. Because, oh my, this month… xo

      On Mon, Jan 24, 2022 at 6:36 AM youroneword {the blog} wrote:



    1. Maybe it’s a result of the past few years, d’you think? Maybe we just need to be gentle with ourselves for a change.

      On Mon, Jan 24, 2022 at 11:33 AM youroneword {the blog} wrote:



    1. Maybe it’s the darn GERMS in the air!? (Seriously… I feel some COVID lessons starting to process themselves under my surface. And I think gentle/slow/allow might be one of them.) xo

      On Mon, Jan 24, 2022 at 6:09 PM youroneword {the blog} wrote:



  3. It sounds like your slow start to 2022 has been serving you well. And I totally agree — even if we were to just pick a word for ’22 and just be aware of it, then that’s a LOT of work. Sometimes I put pressure on myself to find a new revelation every month and write a grand post about it, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

    All of the books you listed are totally new to me and look amazing. Thank you for the recommendations!

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  4. I tend to spend January getting settled with my word. I don’t announce it until the end of the month – until it feels just a bit more like “me”, if that makes sense. I’ve been thinking a lot these past two weeks about Engaged Solitude, and every time I do I think of you. I look forward to seeing where this word takes you; I have a feeling I’m going to learn right along with you. Engaged and Present seem like kindred spirits, don’t they?


  5. Glad to discover you here. I actually host a One Word linkup on my blog too. There’s plenty of room on the big wide internet for as many groups as possible! 🙂 My word this year is Release. It’s already challenging me. My focus in January was to release my need to explain myself. It’s not been easy. 🙂


    1. Ah! I was just talking about that with my son tonight–about how we can ‘edit’ or ‘delete’ half of what we say/how we respond…that we don’t need to give all the Why’s of what we do or don’t do…and in that, we retain grace, graciousness, and dignity. Glad to see you! I think we used to connect on occasion through Anita’s Sunday/Monday posts… I’ll come visit 🙂

      On Thu, Jan 27, 2022 at 3:33 PM youroneword {the blog} wrote:



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