my one word prompt {july twenty-two}


I blinked.

June’s gone!

I kinda can’t believe it.

Ready or not, we’re halfway through ’22. And at this time (well, in June, usually, but July this year), I like to look back at my prompts so far…at my word work to date…and consider —

What do I want to bring into this season?

I’ll do something similar-but-more-comprehensive at the end of the calendar year. This is not to be confused with that! This prompt gets me thinking about summer, specifically. As in…What do I want, what do I need from it?

My summer ’21 prompts had a Lighten up! angle–and everything about that timing was right. Those prompts served me well. (Really well, in fact, in my rearview mirror.)

This summer, though? This summer feels…different.

As a nation, as a world, we’ve had a heavy few months (within a heavy few years), and none of it feels dismissable. Added to a semi-big change in my family’s life, I’ve felt the juxtapositions of stunned and inspired, grief-‘stuck’ (not stricken; not struck; grief-‘stuck’) and moved, overwhelmed and motivated, question marks and exclamation points.

There’s been stuff to shake out, you could say.

(And from the sounds of our June check-ins, I’m not entirely alone here.)

But let’s not forget —

A cottage neighbor painted this quote on the side of her shed; a PSA to us all!

Yes, Mr. Shakespeare, you nailed it.

And the *last thing* I want to do is get to the end of July…then August…saying, I blinked! Again.


[Officially] a week and a half into it, I’m setting myself up for summer this way:

: : What do I want…need…from this season? (I expect this will take shape as a mind map. Time and again it proves my best tool.)

: : Along with fleshing that out, I’ll look back at January through June: What have I learned with Engage so far that will support me to that end?

An easy’ish prompt, really.

(I firmly believe summer should foster ease. A version of Aesop’s ant/grahsshopper–getting mileage from winter + spring’s One Word stores!)

I’m hopeful, anyway.

How ’bout you? Have you thought about what you need from this summer? Has your One Word work [or anything else] you’ve done set the stage for that in some way?

5 thoughts on “my one word prompt {july twenty-two}

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  1. Summer always seems to go by too quickly, so I really want to focus on living in the moment these next couple of months. I want to enjoy the sunshine, the birdsong, the flowers, the longer days. I want to store away those memories for six months from now, when I’ll need them.


  2. Summer in the Uk is odd, either too hot or too dull and disappointing. All the things I put in place this year go on holiday, groups, people, family. I too have a holiday booked. I think lighten up is a great phrase for Summer. I think what I need most from Summer is the healing power of being outside, So that’s what I need to do I think, find lakes, rivers, hills, Gardens, my own garden…. A timely post thank you.


    1. I, too, am drawn to water. Any water! I hope you get from the season just what you need. Sure helps to think about what that *is*, I’m finding. (And, for me, it’s having something to do with Permission…)


  3. I purposefully did not make a Bucket List for this summer … I really want to just BE in this season … taking each day as it comes, searching out joy, and reading a big ol’ stack of books 🙂


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