engaging…lately {26}

It’s a holiday weekend. Aud + her boyfriend fly in tomorrow…kids play ball in the park as I type…Troy + Linc are fishing with cousins. And I can’t bring myself to write a real post.

Because summer!

So I’ll share a picture post instead.

I wish you some respite from the world this weekend. I plan to stay quiet in blogland the next two weeks, to make the most of our time with Audrey in town. But I hope to at least touch base with engaging…lately {27}.

Hard to believe that will put us on the back half of ’22! This weekly format has been a worthy one for me this year, reminding me:


9 thoughts on “engaging…lately {26}

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  1. I love seeing all these photos! (Is Sprout a guidance assistant?) It looks like in spite of needing some furniture and such around the house, you’re settling in quite nicely. Even Lake Erie is putting on a show to welcome you to the area! Enjoy Audrey’s visit and all that wonderful family time!


    1. Sprout sure COULD be a guidance assistant…but she was just coming to work with her mom that day, since it was a quiet day in the building. The elementary school principal strongly promotes bringing pets to work; the high school principal, not so much, I hear… But what an opportunity it’d be. A middle school/high school guidance office is an ideal place for a pet. And Sprout is the ideal dog for the job!


  2. happy sigh (except for that foot – yikes! I hope it’s feeling better!) … there is so much to celebrate – and three cheers for a two week visit from Audrey – enjoy every minute!!


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