fall list love {twenty-two}

It’s time!

Past time, actually… I like to post my seasonal dreams on the equinox or solstice–and if not on the day, close. (But I escaped in September, so I missed it.)

Here we are, though.

Not too late.

Just right, actually…

Because I’m feeling close to the best of fall right now! Grape harvest. Slight chill in the air. A forecast to spoil us…though not for long! The farmer’s market closed up. (I’m missing tomatoes; kids, Amish doughnuts.) De-lightful fall walks…colorful, comfortable. Our leaves aren’t quite there, but parts of the county are a patchwork quilt. (Which has made one item on my list easy to do!)

thanks to Linc for the picture from our walk at Goose Creek

Here, some of my Fall Dreams — not to be confused with fall to-do’s…

: : visit to Colorado + time with Audrey

I shared here, last week…but I’ve got a few more pictures from her proofs today. One is her favorite; one is mine. Our friend, a super-seasoned photographer, really captured her Audreyness:

: : fall retreat

We packed lots into this retreat without it feeling crammed…at all. These semi-annual days away are some of the most beloved of my year: time set aside to dive deep, fill up, connect. ‘Retreat’ is one of my very favorite words, and I’ve loved hearing how many friends retreat in similar-but-different ways with kindred spirits of their own. The common denominator? Intention.

: : leaf-peeping drive

Lately, any drive is a leaf-peeping drive! Yesterday, on our 30 minutes home from the orthodontist, I continuously called out, Over there! See all that red?! There’s nothing like maples in fall. Look at those! Lincoln looked, every time…laughed…and after a while asked, When was the last time you were here for this, anyway?

It’s been a while, I guess. I was 19!

(We’ll take a more ‘official’ tour to Ellicottville this weekend or next.)

: : make these oat ‘n honey granola bars…and at least two other recipes from Half-Baked Harvest

I’m working my way through this cookbook a little at a time, and, so far, every recipe’s a ‘worth repeating.’ Last weekend was perfect for bread + chowder; fig + cider pork chops are next on my radar.

: : snowshoes or X-country skis; downhill for kids

I suspect we’ll ski a whole lot more in New York than we ever did in Colorado. Why? Cost, distance, traffic.

When it came to time + money, our family did not prioritize ski- or snowboarding. (In Colorado, you need both if you’re going to do either!) Luckily, we spent time on the slopes when we homeschooled–which meant ski mid-week…on free/reduced student passes…and no mountain traffic coming or going! So all three kids learned–and love–to ski.

This year, Linc and Elsa will ski/board with the club at school; Troy + I are looking forward to cross country ventures on our county’s Rails to Trails (CR2T).

: : outside every day

Last April, I made a point in my bullet journal to get outside every single day for a year. This is nothing for a lot of people…my friend Rachel is outdoors with her students every day over 19°, and loads of you are dedicated dog walkers, out in the elements no matter!

I tend toward hunkering, though. And Troy? He gets cabin fever. Which means…on the coldest, most blustery days, I can stay in. For days on end. Happily!

Knowing this move meant longer winters/less sunshine, I committed (in the easy season!) to being active outside, weather be damned. Gardening on a humid day, errands on foot with my favorite umbrella, or a forest hike in drizzly rain. It doesn’t matter what I do. I just know I’ll feel better getting out + in it.

: : read last book on engage ’22 reading list

Have you read it?

I like to keep a booklist for My One Word; this year’s was short because I knew my reading life would take a hit in ’22. Beginners was the last of four for this year–and my least favorite. I’d anticipated a book mostly about the brain and how we learn, especially as we age. Beginners was not…that. It was a memoir, really. Chapter upon chapter of Vanderbilt’s chess game, surfing, choir practice, etcetera, and I’m sorry to say I tired of him.

: : more music

This pair of words has been showing up for me for a while. And I don’t really know what shape it will take, or when! But however it does will be a happy thing.

: : explore Pittsburgh over Thanksgiving weekend

To scratch a little bit of our road trip itch, we’re taking off for a few days next month. If you have any PGH recommendations, I’d love to hear!

: : prep a repeat of last year’s take on the holidays.

Last October, for Curate ’21, I spent the month “Pre-Treating the Holidays”–and it really paid off. I had the most present season I’ve had in as long as I can remember.

So I’m [literally] taking a page from last year’s book and sizing it to fit my life this year. I’ll come back to the topic for a post all its own before those days are upon us.

: : lunch with Mom + Dad

Last month I met my parents for lunch (we live about 30 minutes apart), and we had such a good time, we’re doing it again ASAP. (In fact, I should get on their regular rotation.) It’s awfully fun to be their kid, in the absence of my own kids, for a couple of hours once in a while. Geez, we had fun. (Now, if only my brother wasn’t 2,493 miles away!)

: : I’ll be voting !

I finally got to the DMV…which means I also registered to vote in NYS. (Troy was convinced I wouldn’t make it.)

We’ve been voting by mail for so long in CO, I haven’t cast a ballot behind the blue curtain since the Bush-Kerry election! It will be fun to be back…and I’m glad for the chance to bring Elsa. Going in the booth with my mom was a thrill; I’d love to share that Big Deal with at least one of my children.

And that’s a wrap for today! What’s on your list this season?

9 thoughts on “fall list love {twenty-two}

  1. I have been watching the trees, ready for some colors, but it has been unusually warm, very dry, and there is so much smoke in the air from a local fire (going on 5 weeks now) that the trees are looking very sad. On my list: a soup making party, knitting with my daughters, and making apple cider donuts. I am loving your posts lately. Good to hear how you are settling in.


  2. So many exciting changes! I am very glad you made the deadline to register to vote — that’s especially important right now! And how fun it must be to have a regular lunch date with your parents! You know you can count on me for PGH recommendations.

    I just requested a day off from work for next Friday, when my daughter has an 11 a.m. dismissal from school following standardized testing, so that we can drive out to a local farm and pick up apples and a pumpkin and anything else that catches our eye. It’s something I did with my family every year growing up, but we haven’t done it since she was an infant because it’s gotten so crowded. I’m hoping that on a weekday, it’ll be calmer and we can enjoy it more.


    1. I’m all about the ‘reverse’ schedule! I used to teach 3 days + evenings/week, which left me open to do a lot of ‘living’ on the alternate weekdays–thereby avoiding weekend crowds. (And I lived in Boston at the time–there were lots of weekend crowds!) Have a wonderful time, and I will be eager to hear what else catches your eye!


  3. I love a list that begins with things *already crossed off*!!


    I will talk to Steve tonight about things to do in PGH and email you some suggestions! XO


    1. I suppose that’s a benefit to posting a list a few weeks late 🙂
      And thanks for any recs!
      Also–rec for you–Romolo Chocolates, a stone’s throw from Presque Isle. Have you been? If not, it’s a must on your next visit! On W 8th… Thank God I don’t live any closer, I’d be there once/week.


  4. What an excellent list. Autumn is really pretty here this year too. Super envious of your skiing- can’t be done in the UK, not enough snow! The get outside everyday is a very good goal, I am getting better. I used to take my sons into the booth for voting, my parents didn’t with me. Enjoy everything the season brings you.


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