i’m raising a glass to this!

Well, maybe a cup.

I’m raising a cup to this.

The other day, behind on my water intake, I wondered...could my copious cups of black coffee count toward my balance?

…Yes! The answer is Yes! And at only about a 15% penalty.

I’ll drink to that.

Bottoms up!

Just for fun…because there’s plenty of seriousness today, post- mid-term elections…how do you take yours? Black? Cream? Sugar? Tea?

8 responses to “i’m raising a glass to this!”

  1. Yay! I recently learned the same thing – that coffee and tea also contribute to your hydration. What a relief! I drink my coffee black and make half a pot for myself every morning (about 6 cups). I’ve also been drinking about 4 cups of green tea with elderberries every day for the last few months. I like it plain but have been adding honey, hoping it will also help my immune system? I think it has been!


  2. Good news! I drink my coffee without any additions and the hardest days of the year are the days that I get a fasting blood draw and cannot have that precious first cup of coffee.


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