Three on Thursday : : for Thanksgiving

It’s been a very long time since I’ve posted a Three on Thursday! So–

Today is just the right day for three things I’m thankful for.

one : : libraries

I remember a particular aha! moment as a kid…I was 10 or 11 years old…when it dawned on me: If you can read, you can learn anything. Anything at all! As long as you can read, there is nothing you can’t know, if you want to know it.

And that blew me away.

I feel that same kind of awe, now, when I walk into a library.


I mean, here’s this place, designed to give…provide…offer…answer…open up worlds…to anyone! And everyone! No questions asked. No expectations. No admission fee. (Many have even dropped their overdue fines!)

Libraries are…a bookshop. Newsstand. Movie theater. Art + history gallery. Travel agency. Tutoring center. IT department. Copy shop. Job skills training center. They offer a safe place. A warm place. WiFi. Curbside service. Tax prep assistance. Masks + free COVID test kits. Book clubs. Knitting circles. Snacks for hungry kids. Story hours for children. Board games + gaming access. IPads for check-out. Volunteer opportunities. Meeting spaces. Maker spaces. Workshops + classes. Public restrooms. Some offer social services.

And they hardly ever ask for a dime! (Unless you want to make a copy.)

So. Libraries + librarians. Thank you.

two : : cogs in the wheel

I wasn’t sure how else to put this. But what I mean is…I’m grateful for all the parts, all the players, all the cogs in the wheel that contribute to how we operate. As in, how we operate in The Big Picture.

Sort of like in a parade: There’s a grandmaster. Musicians + military marchers. Someone has to build and drive the floats…still others will ride them and wave. What would a parade be without cheers? Someone to catch the candy on the curb? The Optimist Club scoops the horse poop. And the street sweeper comes through at the end.

Some love the spotlight; others, stage crew. If we were all grandmasters or all Rockettes or all cheering from the sideline, there’d be no parade!

Maybe it’s living in a small town again…the fact that I’m noticing. Appreciating it.

and three : : God & science, both

For example: Last year, when we found out my brother was responding well to immunotherapy for cancer (not everyone does) my whole body felt weak with relief.

I said, Oh! Thank you, God! And science.

After years of seeking clarity in my relationship with God, I finally came to the simple (but hard) acceptance that there is no clarity for me. It’s a matter of Love. And Mystery. (I’m not ready to call it Faith–but, for now, I’m good with Love + Mystery.) (And that feels pretty big to me.)

And science! ‘Doing science,’ as they say, is not in my wheelhouse. So, thank God it’s in other people’s. I put a whole lot of faith and trust in science and scientists.

God + science. I’m grateful. They’re an And for me. Both. Not an Or.

And that’s three!

It goes without saying–but is always worth saying!–I’m thankful for health + hope, for friends + family, and for the readers + bloggers here. You make this space a meaningful one.

Happy Thanksgiving.

See you Monday.

6 responses to “Three on Thursday : : for Thanksgiving”

  1. These are all things to be very thankful for — especially the last one! Whether or not anyone is religious, I think we can all accept that there are great mysteries in this world that we may never understand, and sometimes the best we can do is be thankful for them. Happy Thanksgiving!


  2. Hear , hear for all three. I’ll cheer on libraries every day of the week. And hurrah for the big and small cogs who keep the wheels of joy turning. And for God and science. People say why does God allow things to happen, but he doesn’t, people do. He gave us the gift of learning, and people know what to do, sometimes they choose not to do it. I read an old notebook of mine written in the 1980’s. I’d just watched a programme about soil erosion. Forty years ago! And still it’s an issue. Delightful news about your brother, and ditto for me on my brother in-law. Twelve months ago he was told if lucky he had two months to live. They are still saying that and he is now able to do far more than a year ago. Thankful indeed.


  3. Love your list, Carolyn! all three of those resonate with me, too – and even though I’m a little more comfortable with “faith” in that last one, I’m still amazed by mystery and science, and so grateful your brother is responding to treatment! – Happy Thanksgiving!


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