engaging…lately {48}

Wish You Were Here!

I’ve got picture postcards from Pittsburgh, where we’ve taken a few days away to explore a city close’ish to home over the holiday weekend:

And my favorite site, RandyLand. A public art-and-garden scape in the works since the 1990’s. His moving story is on the first panel:

We had two full days…and could have filled many more. A few favorite things: the food stalls + markets in The Strip District; colorful row homes; the richness of 90(!) official neighborhoods throughout the city, including this one where we stayed; Pittsburgh’s walkability + ease of navigation; interesting history; down to earth people.

It’s on my list of places to come back to–and at only 2 hours + 20 minutes from home, that should be easy! The Senator John Heinz History Center (Smithsonian); The Frick; The Carnegie Museum of Art; The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh; a longer visit with my cousin (and a picture next time!); a longer browse in the City of Asylum bookstore; a visit to White Whale Bookstore; time to get lost.

At the end of our day, I asked everyone to give me one word or phrase to describe PGH, and I think Troy nailed it:

Pittsburghers are passionate about Pittsburgh.

(Yinzers, would you agree?)

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  1. I’m so glad we made last night work — and we’ll definitely have to do it again. I think you all crammed an awful lot into a couple of days. Next time you come to town, we’ll make sure you stay in a nicer neighborhood closer to us and make sure you see the stuff in the East End you missed. (And, Rainbow adds, we’ll make sure everyone has a real bed!)

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