my one word prompt {december twenty-two}



I’d say I feel…ready. Ready for my last month with My Word. (Though elements of Engage will stay with me, for sure.)

That’s some of what I’ll do this month, in fact. Sit with this ‘capsule’ of my word. A cheat sheet of what I did this year…and what will I bring with me?

As we turn the last calendar page of ’22, I’m looking at my quietest prompt of the year. (Except when I disengaged on silent retreat in February. That was quiet!)

For me, there’s enough doing in December as it is–so, no expectations or extras this month.

Just…a pen + paper.

I’m only an occasional journaler; I write to find out what I know, to quote Forster. To understand how I really feel about something. Something in particular. I’m turning to it now because there’s still a depth I haven’t reached with My Word. (And I know it.) (I’ve been avoiding it.) And I don’t want the the year to end without going there.

So. It’s that simple! I have no plan to journal ‘every morning with coffee.’ Or ‘every night before bed.’ The voice in my head is loud + clear; when I hear it, I’ll heed it.

I will set aside some journaling time with my mind map in view. I might make a date with my journal…at the coffee shop or by the lake. A change of place often offers a change of persepctive.

It’s feeling like an honest, reflective, and still-curious close to My One Word ’22, while trying to contain my excitement for My One Word ’23!

(…which is feeling like a second grader, hand flailing, begging to be called on.)

So. Here we are.

That time of year when we look back over 11 months and ask What’s left? What’s still to do with My One Word ’22?

It’s also the time of year when we open to possibility. To whispers–or shouts!–of next year’s word. I went through last December with 4 words vying–and I changed it up entirely just before New Year’s! So, no pressure. Just…stay open.

Is this whole word thing new to you? I hosted a conversation last year and it was all kinds of wonderful. Dig in here if you want to get started. (Or even if you’re seasoned!) This conversation is worth a read:

Let’s Talk {A One Word Conversation in Three Parts}

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  1. I do so love December with all the fun word work that happens. I don’t do much putting away of my word – it is more of a carry forward all that I have learned…and finalizing anythings I might have overlooked in the year! And I love the entire process of a new word finding its way to me for the coming year. This year, I was fortunate… a word began nudging me in October! That has never happened before!


  2. This is the time of year when I start to worry that I’ll start out the new year without a word. So far that hasn’t happened, but I’ve only been picking a OLW for three years, so it’s not much of a track record! I’ll definitely be doing a lot of thinking and listening this month to see what word or words are making themselves known.


    1. I want to begin with a huge thank you to you and the one word bloggers for this year. I was new to the whole concept of one word, and I have found it incredibly useful to reflect once a month, on the subject of Balance. The word was given to me by the power of Facebook would you believe, by a very wise woman I was following . She offered to give anyone who asked their word. When I think how I was at the start of January, and how I am now, I am amazed. A word has come to me for next year. It’s going to be quite challenging, so I shall need to keep Balance in the mix.
      I read your links to one word prompting and found them fascinating. I think leading an unrefective life and not making changes is in some ways only half a life.
      Looking forward to reading everyone’s word choices for 2023.


  3. I really love . . . deeply considering . . . all the threads I’ve “loosened” over the year; going through the reflection process as I untangle and weave together something meaningful. (Best part of the whole word-year, IMO.) XO


  4. One thing I do in December is go back through my 11 monthly posts; it’s one of my favorite parts of the process because I get to see progress/growth (that’s often not what I anticipated) and it’s a way to celebrate. A little ritual if you will to let go of the word. (obviously, since I’ve done repeat words, it doesn’t mean I might not revisit that word at some point!)


  5. My hubby was is now an journaler he has journaled many things from our life’s…
    Vacations, important events, let’s ect. He even journaled 3 yrs of his military career!! It is was fun to listen to him read these entries. Somethings he ready would have long been forgotten if he hadn’t recorded them!! 😊


  6. I have been rereading my posts and will print them (once we get some paper) and add them to my OLW notebook. And about that second grader response, I already posted my 2023 word. First time I have ever announced it before the end of December but it just has to be the one.


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