engaging…lately {52}

After 26 hours, 3 airlines (Southwest, Frontier, United), reschedules (Chicago, Buffalo, Pittsburgh), cancellations (Chicago, Buffalo), and, eventually, 5+ hours’ on the tarmac in Denver–they’re here!

(Their luggage isn’t–but they are. And that’s all that matters!)

pick-up in PGH

They held incredibly steady and remained good-humored throughout; parents (all) held our collective breath ’til the kids texted off the ground–at which time JT’s screen said:


(It was ‘just’ another glitch.) (They did fly to Pittsburgh.)

Troy and his dad brought them home at midnight. We hugged and chatted…laughed…decompressed, finally making our way to bed. I turned off my light at 2:03; at 2:04, Audrey was next to my bed. Honda was all I made out. I leapt!

Turns out, while she’d been brushing her teeth, Sergeant Parker had called with good news:

We’ve spent all of today learning how to claim a car from impound in Denver from snowed-in Western New York. (On the brink of a holiday weekend, just try to find a notary public! (Thanks, Uncle Matt.) And — thanks to our friend talented Mark, who’s bringing $175 and a screwdriver to pick up the car and deliver it to our favorite mechanics.

from Aud’s senior photo shoot. The memories were feeling bittersweet!

Could you call it…good carma?

Thanks for all the love and prayers and check-ins. All the generous hearts. Now, I’m disengaging til Monday, when I’ll be back for our final One Word link party ’22!

Wishing you all safety, warmth, and glad tidings…Merry + Happy Everything!

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    1. Thank you, Jane! It’s back and relatively unscathed. Yesterday, a classmate of hers posted a stolen 2014 Subaru WRX from behind the Allison Street Post Office…adjacent to the police station! So bold. Car theft is just rampant there these days.
      We were so surprised and sorry to hear your news about Betty. What a companion she was. It’s hard for me to imagine you without a little dog–but I get it. I hope the holiday with your kids fills you up. Safe travels.


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