lovin’ it

February’s good for a what I’m loving post…donchathink?

So here’s a little of that, to usher in the weekend:

{one} I can’t remember if I’ve already said this here…but one of my favorite Spotify options is ‘Radio.’ Roberta Flack Radio not only gets me her great songs, but it… mixes things up…with other artists in the ‘If you like Robert Flack, try…’ category. (Other favorite ‘radio stations’ — Allison Krauss, Coldplay, Elton John…and Elsa and I love listening to Harry Styles Radio together.)

{two} I’ve noticed something since cutting out added sugar + refined carbohydrates…something that’s probably obvious. But. When I’m craving naughty treats in the middle of the day, it’s just because I’m plain old hungry. I don’t need sugar — I just need to eat! When that happens…but I don’t want to make a meal…and maybe I do want something a little sweet? I’ve been making this smoothie: splash of unsweetened almond milk, scoop of whole fat plain Greek yogurt, spoonful of cocoa powder, handful of spinach, a bunch of frozen cherries, protein powder + collagen, chia seeds. Pretty darn good. (And plenty sweet, all on its own! The protein powder + frozen cherries.)

{three} I love checking out new libraries. I popped into one a few days ago and found this super-fun display: A blind date with a book! (Photo is of the young readers’ display; there was another, nearby, for adults.) Patrons check out a wrapped book — with a code on the back so librarians keep track — and receive an optional feedback form to submit for prizes. Funny enough, it didn’t cross my mind to check one out. Maybe I’ll have to go back…!

{four} + {five} Can you even stand it? Elsa’s Girl Scout leader found this injured barred owl in the middle of the road, in the dark, on Tuesday night. At first, it looked to her like a clump of dirty snow that had fallen off someone’s car. But since we’ve had more rain than snow these days, it struck her as odd. So she turned around…brought him home…and called a rehab volunteer the next day. He’s now in the company of other wildlife on the mend (including one other owl and 4 fawns!). Latest update:

and {six} On average, I drive to the nearby ski hill twice a week to drop off/pick up our kids: once on Tuesdays for ski club (Elsa’s still too young for the bus.) And Saturday or Sunday to ski with friends. It mattered to us that our kids learned to ski, growing up in Colorado. (I’m grateful they did. And they love it!) But it was never easy access. A stretch for our budget…75 miles to the mountain…which could translate to hours sitting on Interstate 70. While there are pros + cons to everything, we’re okay with this trade in ‘ski traffic’!

And with that, happy weekend-ing to you! Whether you’re celebrating an early Valentine’s…watching the Super Bowl…or, like me, just embracing an ordinary day…I hope it’s just what you need. ♥

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    1. In What appliance do you make your smoothy? Easy clean up? I photo copied the ingredients. I can never remember what I actually have on hand to include.


  1. I use a BlendTec we bought at Costco years ago. They hold up well (and you can buy refurbished parts when they die.) I just rinse mine as soon as I pour the smoothie into my glass. Rinses clean–but if you let it sit a while, you’ll need a sponge or scrubby.


  2. Embracing an ordinary day! A walk, some social, a little knitting…so happy to see the owl will be okay. Our small town library does blind date with a book…I should try it huh? 😉 and so happy for your local ski life!


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