spring {a seasonal list}

It’s time for one of my favorites! A list of seasonal ‘dreams’ (and sometimes a chore or more) that bring joy…keep a degree of delight on my radar…whatever season I’m in.

Somewhere along the way, May became the new December.

(I thought it was a Colorado thing, since that’s when school lets out. But kids go waaay into June in New York State–and May is still packed to the gills. Already!)

While a younger me never thought twice about that, the since-age-40-me certainly does.

Which is no kind of moan or judgement or fault. At all! I think of My One Word {Savor ’20}…and my dad’s One Word {Prioritize}…breaking it down offers joy in the steps, delight in completing them, and maybe a ‘big win’. Sometimes.

All to say, this spring’s list is full. Of biggish stuff and baby steps. And in that…fullness…my seasonal list preserves my intentions. While it may sound silly to list something so simple as picnic at the lake, for crying out loud!…or sit on the lawn and look at the garden from a different perspective…I’m an Upholder. According to Gretchen Rubin:

Others can rely on Upholders, and Upholders can rely on themselves. They’re self-directed and have little trouble meeting commitments, keeping resolutions, or hitting deadlines…

So it makes perfect sense to me…especially in a season that’s packed…to include the simplest of dreams + delights, else spring could become a season of ‘should-must-do-done.’ (And that’d be a shame.)

A smattering of Spring ’23 ~

: : forage for fiddlehead ferns

: : cook with fiddlehead ferns

: : order yarn, then —

: : gauge Linc’s sweater, then —

: : start Lincoln’s sweater! He chose this.

: : Patterson After Dark

: : Audrey’s graduation

: : experiment with new hamstring/glute/lower back stretch

: : spring retreat in Ontario

: : off-season walk at Chautauqua

: : plant flowering tree

: : plant late spring containers

: : field trip to Johnston’s Nursery + Garden Center

: : plant a shrub in empty space along driveway (forsythia?)

: : consider shrubs + trees for far end of lawn along fence line

: : finish our piece of cottage demo

: : choose stone + bathroom flooring + shower

: : finish cottage interior construction by 6/8 (Conrad)

: : scrape + paint one more side of cottage exterior (early summer?)

: : RBG play @ Reg Lenna

: : spend a solo weeknight at the cottage

: : whitewater rafting with Elsa

: : Community Music Project performance

: : Asheville~Charleston road trip

: : explore Audubon Community Nature Center

: : spend one hour becoming more familiar with my new phone

: : choose Chautauqua lectures + mark calendar

: : host One Word workshop mid-year conversation @ lib.

: : experiment with herbs and iced teas

: : picnic at the lake

: : make a spring cocktail

: : open up the sunroom!

With flurries and ‘feels like’ temps in the single digits the last few days, it hasn’t felt like spring’s on the way! But here it is. What’s in store for you?

5 thoughts on “spring {a seasonal list}

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  1. I am excited for your first spring in the new house and all the work you’ll get to do to make the outdoor space your own! You have a lot of exciting things coming up with your family, too, like Audrey’s graduation! (Does she know yet what she’s doing next year?)


  2. That’s a big list! and I love seeing that you’re making a trip south. Asheville isn’t too far from here. Spring and early summer should are beautiful there!


  3. What a wonderful big list of things to do and enjoy. If you don’t plan and book dates they certainly won’t happen. Looking forward to your posts. I have a pretty full Spring lined up which I’ll share as I go, but it does involve travel.


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