checking in {3.23}

Welcome to the One Word party!

Door’s open.  Join here.

Wrapping up March, I’m happy with my word work this month — but I’m ‘curiouser’ about yours. Often, out and about, I’ll glimpse someone’s word, recent past or present, and think of you. This thing? It’s a unique kind of tie that binds.

Thanks for being here. I look forward to checking in this week!

So. March.

My hope for March was a sense of spaciousness. Room. Whatever and all that that means, as it pertains to My One Word.

Ask…put it out there…no boundaries, no ceiling. Just free to wonder —

  • What if I swung on a flying trapeze? (I’ll bet it’d be fun! I even know a place…)
  • What if I let go? (Not on the trapeze.) (Of other things.)
  • What if I use lowback vintage velvety armchairs instead of regular dining room chairs at our table?
  • What if I had as much confidence in myself as others have in me?
  • What if I take a 20-minute nap right now because I’m tired? (Which I did. ) (And it worked.)

Those are some of the questions I asked in this little book. And over the course of the month, I noticed:

: : themes – of confidence, permission, risk, reaching, new narratives

: : shift – in a few short weeks, I went from asking some of the things to doing some of them.* From motion…to action, which was the big push for One Word ’23’s Ask vs. Wonder in the first place! (Yay.)

: : perspective – ‘What if ?’ felt Big for me at the start of March. Mid-month, though, I found myself going bigger. Instead, I asked —

Why the heck not ?!

They’re different questions.

Wide open and full of permission, What if? is a whimsical invite to dream…drift…get way outside the box. I picture a cartoon cloud stretching, as though it has arms, in all sorts of directions.

Why not?, on the other hand, thrums its fingernails on a tabletop. I’m waiting…! it says to me–not so patiently. (It’s not a rhetorical question here.)

What’s to lose? What’s the worst that could happen? Really?

Here’s what I know about me:

Given the wide-open space of What if?, I’ll dream, for sure. Then I’ll putter and rummage through my narratives and talk myself out of [doing or being or trying or starting] something great. But —

asking Why not? What’s to lose? What’s the worst that could happen? requires something specific of me. It requires a good answer to the question!

And this month?

I found there’s a whole lotta joy in not finding one! In answering, “Actually, there is no good reason not to [do or be or try or start] this great thing. So? I’ll go for it.”

Thanks for the space, March…you long and roomy month! I needed you.

*Not the trapeze. Not this month. That’ll have to wait for a trip to my brother’s.

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  1. I love that your word opens you up to so many questions and that, in turn, those questions open you up to you so many possibilities. I suspect all of us could enrich our lives (even if we’re happy with them as is!) by asking “What if?”


  2. Open-ended questions are the best sorts… for everyone (reader, listener, and yes… self) I thought long and hard this month about the whys of things myself. Answers sometimes come through fellow word devotees (you especially today with these well-timed questions) and gives me yet another reason that I love this Word Community! XO


    1. It seems March had a theme in store for some of us! I’m glad a bit of this resonated–it challenged me to write something that felt obvious in my head (but was too personal to share ‘as is’) –AND have it make sense ‘out in the world. (I know you know exactly what I’m trying to say! Grateful for that. ♥)

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  3. I don’t fancy a flying trapeze but I would do a wing walk, a parachute jump and even a bungee jump. Ask if you don’t do it, on a scale of 1 to 10 how much would you regret that decision.


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