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  • finding inspiration

    finding inspiration

    Here’s a page I made…three years ago now…in the front of my bullet journal. (Looks like it got a little wet.) (It *also* looks like this whole ‘action’ thing has been brewing awhile!) (I’m referring to this. The whole motion vs. action thing I’ve talked about lately.) Opposite that page — on that Inspiration spread, […]

  • wordless wednesday

  • on habits

    on habits

    header credit: medium When I wrote about motion vs. action last week, I said I’d come back to Atomic Habits, James Clear’s 2018 book subtitled An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones. Though I didn’t love the book, two key concepts made it worthwhile for me: Motion vs. Action […]

  • currently {1.23}

    currently {1.23}

    I always loved joining currently over at anneinresidence. But, the timing was tight. Anne’s wordplay was the first Wednesday of the month, which made for a pile-up of posts on my end. After she had baby no. 2, life piled up on her end, so she let the link party go. This year, I’m revisiting […]

  • my one word ’23 {b}

    my one word ’23 {b}

    I told you last week how I’m kind of excited for My One Word…Ask. Here’s a bit about how I came to it. (I love hearing how people and words make their match.) For a minute or two last fall, I thought my word would be be Wonder. Or Curious. There are so many things […]

  • three on thursday {joy}

    three on thursday {joy}

    When I first fired up my blog, I posted every Monday and Thursday. And every Thursday, I linked up with Carole for her fun play on ‘three.’ It’s been a while…and, she recently retired that link party. But it’s Thursday…so, why not? And there’s no better fodder for a post than joy, if you ask […]

  • my one word ’23 {a}

    my one word ’23 {a}

    This New Year’s celebration was…different…than usual: We all stayed up ’til midnight. Had family over. Went tubing–fun!–with friends on New Years Day. (We usually have a mellow January 1.) And, this month feels…different…than usual: January ’23 hasn’t had that start New Years usually does for me. I’m not resolving or declaring. Anything. At all. (Which […]

  • winter {a seasonal list}

    winter {a seasonal list}

    It’s time for one of my favorites! A seasonal list. (What’s that?) Looking back through my BUJO…which is almost full…I see I typically list 15-20 ‘dreams’ (and sometimes a chore or two) that bring joy, that keep a degree of delight on my radar–whatever season I’m in. The last few, though, have been post-move lists. […]

  • wordless wednesday

  • a one word year

    a one word year

    If you’ve been around here for long, you know…I believe one word really can change a life. It’s the crux of this blog and my website. I chose my first word (or…it chose me) mid-2015. I was weary, grumpy, resentful. (One look at my calendar and I knew why.) That’s when I donned Authentic — […]