my one word prompt {6.23}

For lots of One Worders, myself included, June is a time to look back. To take inventory of my word and my practice so far. Ask ’23… What’s resonated? What hasn’t? What’s sticking, half-way through this year? What can I carry into summer? I’ll look back at my One Word posts. Through my Ask ’23... Continue Reading →

checking in {5.23}

It's time! We’re checking in with our words. The link party’s up and stays open through Sunday. Join here. Let’s catch up! First, thanks for all the well wishes! I finally feel like myself again. Still short of breath. And I get so tired! But it’s nice to be awake all day, functioning, and out in the... Continue Reading →

my one word prompt {5.23}

Mantras. They're meant to promote a sense of calm...boost awareness...generate focus or healing or growth. And they've worked for me in all sorts of ways: in seated and walking meditations. During scary times, out-of-control times. To keep my intentions in check for the holidays. Manage stressful dynamics in too-small spaces. And to fall asleep at... Continue Reading →

checking in {4.23}

Ready or not...! We're checking in with our words. The link party's up + open + stays that way through Sunday. Join here. Let's catch up! You know how, sometimes, you come across a thing...over and over, serendipitously or coincidentally or whatever...and you think, Is the universe trying to tell me something? That’s how it... Continue Reading →

my one word prompt {4.23}

Hello, April! I welcome the turn of the calendar page -- and the 'refresh' of a new prompt. (Which always has a 'new-box-of-crayons' feel to me.) April's, especially. Heavy on ritual and anticipation, I do an annual 'check-in' on or around my late-April birthday each year. (Since, gosh, since Audrey was born. In 2004.) There's... Continue Reading →

checking in {3.23}

Welcome to the One Word party! Door's open.  Join here. Wrapping up March, I'm happy with my word work this month -- but I'm 'curiouser' about yours. Often, out and about, I'll glimpse someone's word, recent past or present, and think of you. This thing? It's a unique kind of tie that binds. Thanks for... Continue Reading →

my one word prompt {3.23}

My head and heart have felt full lately -- for better and worse. It's part of being engaged with the world. Right? The whole And Space: joy & sorrow...lion & lamb...hope & fear...silly & serious...stressful & fulfilling...salty & sweet... Point being, there has to be room--in our world, in our lives, in our hearts--for both.... Continue Reading →

checking in {2.23}

Welcome to the One Word party! The door's wide open. Join here. There's definitely a bit of fun with a word like Ask. Like, what qualifies as a British sponge? (You know what I've been watching.) Two answers, GBBS fans probably know: A true sponge being light and fluffy, made with eggs; no fat. But... Continue Reading →

my one word prompt {2.23}

The last few years, I've anticipated these monthly prompts with nothing but delight. A veritable rubbing-hands-together...What's it gonna be?! The anticipation of what I might do and where I might go with my word has almost always felt joyfully anticipatory. This time, though... I've been dreading this go-round. Okay. Dread might be dramatic. Less eager,... Continue Reading →

checking in {1.23}

Here we are! Our first One Word check-in of 2023. Feel free to join in, link up, comment, listen...whatever you want (or don't want!) to do. For me? This space offers community and accountability; it's a source of shared inspiration from readers + bloggers. I hope you find it welcoming and supportive. Let's begin! It... Continue Reading →

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