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  • finding inspiration

    finding inspiration

    Here’s a page I made…three years ago now…in the front of my bullet journal. (Looks like it got a little wet.) (It *also* looks like this whole ‘action’ thing has been brewing awhile!) (I’m referring to this. The whole motion vs. action thing I’ve talked about lately.) Opposite that page — on that Inspiration spread, […]

  • three on thursday {joy}

    three on thursday {joy}

    When I first fired up my blog, I posted every Monday and Thursday. And every Thursday, I linked up with Carole for her fun play on ‘three.’ It’s been a while…and, she recently retired that link party. But it’s Thursday…so, why not? And there’s no better fodder for a post than joy, if you ask […]

  • books to give or receive or both! {a holiday installment}

    books to give or receive or both! {a holiday installment}

    I’m excited to share a small stack of favorites I’ve piled the last couple months. Each one would make a delightful gift to give–or receive! Or…both There are 15 books here (10 non-fiction adult; 2 chapter book series; 3 picture books (my favorites). So let’s get to it! Full disclosure: I’ve read several but not […]

  • engaging…lately {47}

    engaging…lately {47}

    First, thanks for the spirit of support in response to last week’s ‘lack of sunlight’…These Yaktrax are on my Christmas list; we’re stocked up on ‘extra strength’ D3 + B-complex; big fat snowflakes make up for sunshine (at the moment); I’ll let you know when we try the SAD lights–since some of you are considering […]

  • engaging…lately {44}

    engaging…lately {44}

    Numbering these posts–which I did on a whim–has been an interesting way to mark time this year. And with single digits left in the number of these posts that remain…? Doesn’t seem possible! I really meant to write up this post Friday morning…but the kids were off from school (conferences) and some of us had […]

  • engaging…lately {43}

    engaging…lately {43}

    Today, I really am going to do a mostly-pictures-post, because the sun is out for the first time all week–and I’m ready to get out and in it! Before I do that, here are the good ways I’ve been engaging…lately. (There’s been a little ugh this week, as well.) (Such is life.) As October marches […]

  • engaging…lately {34}

    engaging…lately {34}

    above: I especially love this week’s banner. It’s a mural on a rainy day in Cuba, NY. Parenting long-distance pretty much wrung my heart out this week–in a way I’d never have anticipated. So, a bit rocked, these words from Elizabeth Strout resonated a little extra when I read them yesterday morning: excerpted from a […]

  • something i still dream of doing. (and that book I said I’d tell you about.)

    something i still dream of doing. (and that book I said I’d tell you about.)

    Here’s the thing I still dream of doing: Gather people. Strangers (+ ‘opposites’) to each other. Pair them up. Send them to talk, one on one, with only one rule: All Triggering Topics off the table. What does that leave? Ask about their kids. Better yet, grandkids…what’s their wish for them? What’s a favorite place […]

  • list fun.

    list fun.

    At the start of every season I share a joy-filled list on my blog. (Not to keep to-do’s on my radar…but more like de-lights.) This season brings a bit of catch-up, though. Clean-up, you could say. Nothing worthy of its very own post. (So I just kept it to myself.) However. In gathering my [final […]

  • These PSA’s Have a Deadline!

    These PSA’s Have a Deadline!

    I was halfway through a completely different post when a few good things crossed my radar…and I had to stop to share them. So this’ll be quick, because I want fans to have time to register before 1:30 EST on April 19. Let’s do that one first– RWK Fans: Friends passed this along, and I […]