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  • engaging lately…{49}

    engaging lately…{49}

    It’s been snowy-windy-rainy-gray-dark-and-blustery. And yet? I’m feeling the light! Thanks to this guy. He brings it… And I love his story: At Linc’s part-time job, one of his tasks is breaking down boxes and schlepping them out back for recycling. One summer night when he called for a ride, he double-checked there was room in […]

  • on traditions {a holiday installment}

    on traditions {a holiday installment}

    Okay. It’s getting ridiculous. This topic should not be so tough to tackle! Here’s a fourth and final stab. What I want to talk about is traditions. What I want to say is: I always thought that the older I got, the more traditions would matter to me. Instead, I find it’s the opposite. It’s […]

  • engaging lately…{14}

    engaging lately…{14}

    There are things we do…things we practice…not because we need them today. But we will need them. Someday. I’m thinking back to math facts. Rounding was a bit of a speed bump for me. (Was that second grade?) I dreaded working to the right of a decimal point. Percentages were definitely better than decimals, and […]

  • And Still.

    And Still.

    Savor, Possibility, Thrive, and Curate. Starting in 2018, with my word as my tool, I’ve opened to the question, How can I loosen my grip on control? How can I tend less to managing [everything] and…be? I looked at my Curate mindmap when I sat down to write today. Occasionally, I’ll update the map–a light […]