my mom + michelle obama + maggie smith

Remember Michelle Obama! I said these words to Elsa 4 out of 5 school days last week. For better or worse, she's learning a lot this year. More than she bargained for, actually. Our oldest daughter...19 next month...has always kept a teeny-tiny circle of friends, and our son is what I'd call super chill. He's... Continue Reading →

lovin’ it

February's good for a what I'm loving post...donchathink? So here's a little of that, to usher in the weekend: {one} {two} {three} {four} {five} {six} {one} I can't remember if I've already said this here...but one of my favorite Spotify options is 'Radio.' Roberta Flack Radio not only gets me her great songs, but it...... Continue Reading →

finding inspiration

Here's a page I made...three years ago the front of my bullet journal. (Looks like it got a little wet.) (It *also* looks like this whole 'action' thing has been brewing awhile!) (I'm referring to this. The whole motion vs. action thing I've talked about lately.) Opposite that page -- on that Inspiration spread,... Continue Reading →

currently {1.23}

I always loved joining currently over at anneinresidence. But, the timing was tight. Anne's wordplay was the first Wednesday of the month, which made for a pile-up of posts on my end. After she had baby no. 2, life piled up on her end, so she let the link party go. This year, I'm revisiting... Continue Reading →

three on thursday {joy}

When I first fired up my blog, I posted every Monday and Thursday. And every Thursday, I linked up with Carole for her fun play on 'three.' It's been a while...and, she recently retired that link party. But it's, why not? And there's no better fodder for a post than joy, if you ask... Continue Reading →

engaging…lately {52}

After 26 hours, 3 airlines (Southwest, Frontier, United), reschedules (Chicago, Buffalo, Pittsburgh), cancellations (Chicago, Buffalo), and, eventually, 5+ hours' on the tarmac in Denver--they're here! (Their luggage isn't--but they are. And that's all that matters!) pick-up in PGH They held incredibly steady and remained good-humored throughout; parents (all) held our collective breath 'til the kids... Continue Reading →

engaging…lately {47}

First, thanks for the spirit of support in response to last week's 'lack of sunlight'...These Yaktrax are on my Christmas list; we're stocked up on 'extra strength' D3 + B-complex; big fat snowflakes make up for sunshine (at the moment); I'll let you know when we try the SAD lights--since some of you are considering... Continue Reading →

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