three on thursday {joy in my bubble}

With the hard and heavy stuff lately that ohymygodjustkeepscoming.... today's a good day to get in my bubble and stay for a while. Wanna come? Three things that have lightened me lately: {one} At breakfast on my 48th birthday, Linc asked, What are you and Dad gonna do today? First, we're going to a nursery,... Continue Reading →

checking in {4.23}

Ready or not...! We're checking in with our words. The link party's up + open + stays that way through Sunday. Join here. Let's catch up! You know how, sometimes, you come across a thing...over and over, serendipitously or coincidentally or whatever...and you think, Is the universe trying to tell me something? That’s how it... Continue Reading →

currently {4.23}

I narrowly missed a currently post this month because . . . where'd April go?! (Speaking of time flying, Monday is our last Monday of the month -- which means I'll have the link party up and ready. Though it feels more like 'ready or not' to me!) So here we go. Five verbs. What... Continue Reading →

in memoriam

Today was Stacy's funeral. She was vibrant, resilient, generous. Had an unbeatable sense of humor. (And that -- her humor -- was how you also knew how smart she was.) Stacy was 49 years old. A mother of three dynamic boys; their father died two years ago. There is no balm. No sense. No fathomable... Continue Reading →


I love planning trips -- maybe even more than taking them! And even more than that? I appreciate having gone. Woods or desert or over the ocean, I've gone to places deep within me: to where I call my spirit home, Santa Fe; I've felt very much at home in downtown Chicago; I've traveled to... Continue Reading →


Hi there. We had a sad and shocking loss of a pretty special person in our community yesterday, so I'm not wrapping my head around much right now. Other than that. (Trying to.) I'll see you next week. xo

wordless wednesday {away!}

Blackwater Falls in Davis, WV; amber tint from hemlock and red spruce needles New River Gorge, Fayetteville, WV; loads of bridge love for me! Wood Iron Cafe, Fayetteville, WV 'donkey duplex' spotted on the drive ♥ Julia Wolfe's boarding house, Asheville, NC Confederate statue removed from Pack Square Asheville @ Southern Highland Craft Guild woven... Continue Reading →

my one word prompt {4.23}

Hello, April! I welcome the turn of the calendar page -- and the 'refresh' of a new prompt. (Which always has a 'new-box-of-crayons' feel to me.) April's, especially. Heavy on ritual and anticipation, I do an annual 'check-in' on or around my late-April birthday each year. (Since, gosh, since Audrey was born. In 2004.) There's... Continue Reading →


Hi. I'm here. But stuck. Normally, I'd have done a Wordless Wednesday post today. Something with itty bitty tree buds. Or sunny daffs on my kitchen sill. Hopeful things. Signs of spring. New life. Beginning. But I'm not there. I'm here. Not just stuck in sadness for the 9-year-olds who were shot and killed in... Continue Reading →

checking in {3.23}

Welcome to the One Word party! Door's open.  Join here. Wrapping up March, I'm happy with my word work this month -- but I'm 'curiouser' about yours. Often, out and about, I'll glimpse someone's word, recent past or present, and think of you. This thing? It's a unique kind of tie that binds. Thanks for... Continue Reading →

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