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  • engaging…lately {46}

    engaging…lately {46}

    I’ve drafted and deleted…too many times to count!…a topic that’s hard to write about. (Though not a ‘hard topic’ at all!) (It’s rather delightful, in fact.) I had good intentions to post it this week. (Which happens.) Better luck next week, perhaps. Meanwhile… This: And this: We honeymooned–’til yesterday!– in sunny, mild, November days. A […]

  • engaging…lately {43}

    engaging…lately {43}

    Today, I really am going to do a mostly-pictures-post, because the sun is out for the first time all week–and I’m ready to get out and in it! Before I do that, here are the good ways I’ve been engaging…lately. (There’s been a little ugh this week, as well.) (Such is life.) As October marches […]

  • fall list love {twenty-two}

    fall list love {twenty-two}

    It’s time! Past time, actually… I like to post my seasonal dreams on the equinox or solstice–and if not on the day, close. (But I escaped in September, so I missed it.) Here we are, though. Not too late. Just right, actually… Because I’m feeling close to the best of fall right now! Grape harvest. […]