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  • engaging…lately {52}

    engaging…lately {52}

    After 26 hours, 3 airlines (Southwest, Frontier, United), reschedules (Chicago, Buffalo, Pittsburgh), cancellations (Chicago, Buffalo), and, eventually, 5+ hours’ on the tarmac in Denver–they’re here! (Their luggage isn’t–but they are. And that’s all that matters!) They held incredibly steady and remained good-humored throughout; parents (all) held our collective breath ’til the kids texted off the […]

  • advent’ish {a holiday installment}

    advent’ish {a holiday installment}

    Without making this a faith conversation, I will say, As a Unitarian Universalist, I celebrate the spirit of Christmastime. And in that spirit I celebrate little-a advent. There is *a* waiting. A preparation. An anticipation. Just not The waiting. The preparation. The anticipation. In its own rite, little-a advent offers me much: Contemplation, for one. […]

  • engaging lately…{49}

    engaging lately…{49}

    It’s been snowy-windy-rainy-gray-dark-and-blustery. And yet? I’m feeling the light! Thanks to this guy. He brings it… And I love his story: At Linc’s part-time job, one of his tasks is breaking down boxes and schlepping them out back for recycling. One summer night when he called for a ride, he double-checked there was room in […]

  • engaging…lately {48}

    engaging…lately {48}

    Wish You Were Here! I’ve got picture postcards from Pittsburgh, where we’ve taken a few days away to explore a city close’ish to home over the holiday weekend: And my favorite site, RandyLand. A public art-and-garden scape in the works since the 1990’s. His moving story is on the first panel: We had two full […]

  • on traditions {a holiday installment}

    on traditions {a holiday installment}

    Okay. It’s getting ridiculous. This topic should not be so tough to tackle! Here’s a fourth and final stab. What I want to talk about is traditions. What I want to say is: I always thought that the older I got, the more traditions would matter to me. Instead, I find it’s the opposite. It’s […]

  • my one word prompt {november twenty-two}

    my one word prompt {november twenty-two}

    I can’t believe it! I did it again. (Well, not again.) (Sort of again.) (More like simultaneously?) Let me back up: In my last post, I told you how I screwed up logistics…at a friend’s expense…a couple of weeks ago. Which was bad enough! Listen to what else I did: Lincoln is flying back to […]

  • engaging…lately {44}

    engaging…lately {44}

    Numbering these posts–which I did on a whim–has been an interesting way to mark time this year. And with single digits left in the number of these posts that remain…? Doesn’t seem possible! I really meant to write up this post Friday morning…but the kids were off from school (conferences) and some of us had […]

  • prepare [in order] to be present

    prepare [in order] to be present

    Earlier this month I said I’d come back to this topic. And while it felt a bit early then, it’s feeling less early now! As leaves fall and we schedule flights for Audrey and I tuck a gift away for my brother… I’m coming back ’round. On retreat a few weeks ago, I read through […]

  • engaging…lately {41}

    engaging…lately {41}

    What a week it’s been! I’m home from five full and restorative days in Colorado, just in time for wedding anniversary 21. (And just in time for Troy to leave town.) (But he’s back today!) In those days away, I loaded up on Audrey: a Wailin’ Jennys concert; senior photo shoot; her sweetheart’s birthday; Target […]

  • *dis*engaging…lately {36-39}

    *dis*engaging…lately {36-39}

    I wasn’t planning to skip out, necessarily, on my {36} post. But I am planning, now, to skip out on the next few. I need the space to walk my talk. To creatively neglect. When I wrote September’s One Word Prompt, I had no idea how apropos this would feel: It’s time for me to […]