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  • currently {1.23}

    currently {1.23}

    I always loved joining currently over at anneinresidence. But, the timing was tight. Anne’s wordplay was the first Wednesday of the month, which made for a pile-up of posts on my end. After she had baby no. 2, life piled up on her end, so she let the link party go. This year, I’m revisiting […]

  • one word check-in {december twenty-two}

    Coming to the One Word party? Join the link-up here! As soon as I sat down to write this post, I heard The Von Trapp Family singing: So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, adieuAdieu, adieu, to yieu and yieu and yieu That’s one of my favorite scenes in the movie. Little Gretl! That staircase! Anyway. I […]

  • getting my hygge on

    getting my hygge on

    This weekend’s snowfall ushered in some capital H- Holiday Hygge. And I’m loving it! Which I say with a great dose of gratitude, thankful we’re safe, warm, and healthy. (Not counting that flu.) Yesterday morning the ‘feels like’ temperature was 6°. Every cold day, I say out loud I’m grateful for a warm home. In […]

  • engaging…lately {47}

    engaging…lately {47}

    First, thanks for the spirit of support in response to last week’s ‘lack of sunlight’…These Yaktrax are on my Christmas list; we’re stocked up on ‘extra strength’ D3 + B-complex; big fat snowflakes make up for sunshine (at the moment); I’ll let you know when we try the SAD lights–since some of you are considering […]

  • on traditions {a holiday installment}

    on traditions {a holiday installment}

    Okay. It’s getting ridiculous. This topic should not be so tough to tackle! Here’s a fourth and final stab. What I want to talk about is traditions. What I want to say is: I always thought that the older I got, the more traditions would matter to me. Instead, I find it’s the opposite. It’s […]

  • engaging…lately {46}

    engaging…lately {46}

    I’ve drafted and deleted…too many times to count!…a topic that’s hard to write about. (Though not a ‘hard topic’ at all!) (It’s rather delightful, in fact.) I had good intentions to post it this week. (Which happens.) Better luck next week, perhaps. Meanwhile… This: And this: We honeymooned–’til yesterday!– in sunny, mild, November days. A […]

  • my one word prompt {november twenty-two}

    my one word prompt {november twenty-two}

    I can’t believe it! I did it again. (Well, not again.) (Sort of again.) (More like simultaneously?) Let me back up: In my last post, I told you how I screwed up logistics…at a friend’s expense…a couple of weeks ago. Which was bad enough! Listen to what else I did: Lincoln is flying back to […]

  • prepare [in order] to be present

    prepare [in order] to be present

    Earlier this month I said I’d come back to this topic. And while it felt a bit early then, it’s feeling less early now! As leaves fall and we schedule flights for Audrey and I tuck a gift away for my brother… I’m coming back ’round. On retreat a few weeks ago, I read through […]

  • engaging…lately {43}

    engaging…lately {43}

    Today, I really am going to do a mostly-pictures-post, because the sun is out for the first time all week–and I’m ready to get out and in it! Before I do that, here are the good ways I’ve been engaging…lately. (There’s been a little ugh this week, as well.) (Such is life.) As October marches […]

  • engaging…lately {42}

    engaging…lately {42}

    We have a friend at the lake in her mid-80s. (She looks closer to 70.) Joan has more get-up-and-go than many I know. And lucky for me, her attitude’s contagious. I’ve told you before, I’m a story person…and I can listen to [most] people tell theirs all day long. So when she invites me to […]