checking in {5.23}

It's time! We’re checking in with our words. The link party’s up and stays open through Sunday. Join here. Let’s catch up! First, thanks for all the well wishes! I finally feel like myself again. Still short of breath. And I get so tired! But it’s nice to be awake all day, functioning, and out in the... Continue Reading →

checking in {2.23}

Welcome to the One Word party! The door's wide open. Join here. There's definitely a bit of fun with a word like Ask. Like, what qualifies as a British sponge? (You know what I've been watching.) Two answers, GBBS fans probably know: A true sponge being light and fluffy, made with eggs; no fat. But... Continue Reading →

one word check-in {october twenty-two}

If you wrote a post for this month’s check-in, I invite you to join the One Word party, share in Comments below, or reflect on your own. Whatever works! The link will be live all week, through Sunday. Thanks for coming! My October word work was...mundane. At best. (How's that for a hook!?!) It was much-needed, hit-me-over-the-head... Continue Reading →

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