engaging…lately {30}

photo credit: Kylene Endres. Thanks for leting me use this, Kylene! Last night was one of the most spectacular Lake Erie sunsets I've seen in a long time. Last week I said it was time for some rest. In practice, though, the right word was more like restore... That's what I was after. Restoration. Not... Continue Reading →

engaging…lately {29}

Whew! It's been so long since I've sat down at my laptop, I couldn't even find it this afternoon! (It was on the floor in an empty room next to my yoga mat. Which also tells you the last time I did yoga.) Everything's been on pause--or non-stop go, depending on which way you look... Continue Reading →

engaging…lately {26}

It's a holiday weekend. Aud + her boyfriend fly in tomorrow...kids play ball in the park as I type...Troy + Linc are fishing with cousins. And I can't bring myself to write a real post. Because summer! So I'll share a picture post instead. The week started with a slight setback when I didn't quite... Continue Reading →

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