engaging…lately {48}

Wish You Were Here! I've got picture postcards from Pittsburgh, where we've taken a few days away to explore a city close'ish to home over the holiday weekend: Duquesne Incline Molly's Trolley Tour I ♥ steel bridges Mister Rogers toucan flying fox bats Warhol Museum cheese in the Strip District we stayed on the North... Continue Reading →

engaging…lately {41}

What a week it's been! I'm home from five full and restorative days in Colorado, just in time for wedding anniversary 21. (And just in time for Troy to leave town.) (But he's back today!) In those days away, I loaded up on Audrey: a Wailin' Jennys concert; senior photo shoot; her sweetheart's birthday; Target... Continue Reading →

are you getting back to dreaming yet?

We got the keys to our house Sunday eve and have spent the majority of waking time there, ever since. While it's still empty ('til tomorrow; cross fingers, no rain), we've jumped right into gardening, pulling out four trailer-loads of wisteria vine. I love wisteria--and there's plenty left--but it's too much of a good thing.... Continue Reading →

engaging lately…{12}

Because you asked for it, I've got postcards from the West to share! All pictures in this post were taken by my kids. They have better phones with better cameras, and half the time I don't have mine on me. So, silver linings to teens + phones, I s'pose... First + foremost: I love going... Continue Reading →

engaging lately…{10}

In no particular order, I read to learn, escape, and be inspired. (Now that I think of it...that's why I travel, too!) Which makes the old adage true: I bookmarked this on audio yesterday: "Neuroscientists have been trying to pin down for years what it is about travel that alters us. How it effects mental... Continue Reading →

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