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  • engaging…lately {47}

    engaging…lately {47}

    First, thanks for the spirit of support in response to last week’s ‘lack of sunlight’…These Yaktrax are on my Christmas list; we’re stocked up on ‘extra strength’ D3 + B-complex; big fat snowflakes make up for sunshine (at the moment); I’ll let you know when we try the SAD lights–since some of you are considering […]

  • engaging…lately {42}

    engaging…lately {42}

    We have a friend at the lake in her mid-80s. (She looks closer to 70.) Joan has more get-up-and-go than many I know. And lucky for me, her attitude’s contagious. I’ve told you before, I’m a story person…and I can listen to [most] people tell theirs all day long. So when she invites me to […]

  • engaging…lately {35}

    engaging…lately {35}

    Hey. I’m here with a quiet (and kind of grumpy) hello. I delayed writing a post all day yesterday, willing my mood to lift. Which it didn’t. But kind of did overnight, after a decent sleep.* (Thankfully.) That mood. I should have seen it coming. There’s been lots of good engaging here. A college send-off […]

  • engaging…lately {23}

    engaging…lately {23}

    above: our little slice of the Lake Erie shoreline. This week’s been a welcome 180 to the ungrounded-ness of last week’s post. The one where my gears felt ‘caught’; suspended; not fully engaged. (So, Yay!) This tee caught my eye while shoe shopping for E.– and it made me think. Other than time to settle […]

  • engaging…lately {20}

    engaging…lately {20}

    snow outside our window today. First and foremost, I’ve been engaging with some of you about my recent post. I know those waters are not necessarily warm; thanks to all who read, read + replied, (and came back today!) — and even for a few voice-to-voice conversations. I value being able to play with ideas […]

  • These PSA’s Have a Deadline!

    These PSA’s Have a Deadline!

    I was halfway through a completely different post when a few good things crossed my radar…and I had to stop to share them. So this’ll be quick, because I want fans to have time to register before 1:30 EST on April 19. Let’s do that one first– RWK Fans: Friends passed this along, and I […]

  • thank you.

    thank you.

    It was a palm-against-forehead moment, realizing my why and how and of course as of late. Cathy, Judy, Juliann, Sarah–you each held up a mirror for me, whether you knew it or not. Thank you. I started actively ‘managing’ life as an empath in early 2019–thanks to My One Word, Thrive. And I’d say I’ve […]

  • engaging…lately {2}

    engaging…lately {2}

    In yesterday’s 30 Days of Move (which lots of us are doing!), Adriene said, Where attention goes, energy flows. Those wise words sum up [so much of] the What and the Why of Engage for me. Picking back up on my short + sweet reflection series, here’s where My One Word {Engage} showed up this […]

  • Three on Thursday

    Three on Thursday

    On a whim one wintry Saturday morning, dressed more for aerobics than anything holistic, I walked the mile to Davis Square and into my first-ever yoga class. I needed, somehow, to mark the break-up of a tumultuous relationship with a boyfriend. Little did I know, it’d be the start of a new and abundant one–with […]